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    Re: CFMoto's 650's

    Exhaust: 0.22~0.31 mm (0.0087~0.0122 in.)Intake:0.15~0.21 mm (0.0059~0.0083 in.) is correct according to the mechanic here.
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    Re: Miaoxiang Jilin Motorcycle Ride

    He is the guy I am riding with. He started on a little Dayang 150cc. (The yellow bike in th pictures) I think this year he is going to upgrade to the CFmoto 250. He wants ABS. We are talking about...
  3. Re: getting legal - existing, unregistered bike

    I bought a bike new and did not take it in for plates till it was over a year old. They said nothing, they just registered and plated it. Was easy as pie here in Changchun.
  4. Any must see's near Jilin City Jilin or Songhua lake?

    Looking for great exploration tips! I love getting off the beaten path.

    I am riding out to Jilin to visit a friend and to explore the area around the city by motorcycle. I will be in Jilin City...
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    Re: Honda CB190r first gear question

    I used to have a cb190r and I just slipped the clutch and pulled the throttle and she went. No weird stuff.
  6. Re: What must you carry on you when riding to be legal?

    I only carry insurance which is a small card kept in my license book, my little black license book and the small bluebook which has the inspection card in it. So really it is only 2 books. Also, with...
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    Re: How strict is annual inspection?

    China is crazy, it depends on the location and even maybe the mood of the inspector.

    When I was in the south inspections were strict. I had to make the bike match its original picture in my blue...
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    Re: Where do you keep your bike?

    Any deterrent is a good deterrent! If they REALLY want it, it will be gone.

    Most of these thieves are going to take the low hanging fruit though. Especially if you get a weird or abnormal lock...
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    Re: Where do you keep your bike?

    When I first got here I used a motorcycle tent garage that I bought on Taobao. I drilled holes in the pavement and mounted it properly behind my building out of the way. I also got a sweet lock...
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    Re: List of banned cities

    Does anyone know if their is a ban in Dalian?

    Also, the list shows Changchun Jilin and we have no ban in this city, just a few roads with daytime bans.
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    Re: Miaoxiang Jilin Motorcycle Ride


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    Re: Miaoxiang Jilin Motorcycle Ride



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    Miaoxiang Jilin Motorcycle Ride

    Went on a little motorcycle trip outside the city to see what we would find!

    It turned out to be a pretty epic day. I did not map out all the little roads we went down or the trails we walked....
  14. Re: Jincheng 125 mini and few simple questions

    This motor
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    Re: 'Carb issues - HELP!!..

    Sometimes the fuelcock diaphragm will wear out and allow fuel to flow to the carburetor when the unit is shut down, which will cause excess fuel to dump out the overflow tube. Replacing it could...
  16. Jincheng 125 mini and few simple questions

    EDIT: Even though the guy told me it is a 125cc the green book clearly states it is a 150cc motor.

    Sooo... I bought this JCM motorcycle for dirt cheap off my mechanic. I had to change the front...
  17. Re: New member in Hangzhou with some questions

    "Horizon Line Big Race Car". It was what the company called it and what was on its certificate of quality. It came out of some no name factory that produces the frame for dozens of other companies.
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    Re: Where to buy An Ebike from China ?

    You can buy any E-bike that was built on an actual motorcycle frame with the road quality certificate from the factory. Then just take it down and have it registered. At least here in Changchun....
  19. Re: 80cc China Girl Fat Tire Masterpiece... Or Not

    Been seeing more of these front drive electric bikes around. Wonder why people are going that direction? Just easier to build?
  20. Re: Tickets in Jilin Province... Can you even get them?

    I don't think so, here in changchun they are still on the old systems they have had for a while.
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    Re: CF MOTO 650NK in New Zealand

    I have a buddy here with the NK400 and I have 6 people in our motorcycle club with the NK650. All Chinese people. With the improvements CFMOTO has made over the last few years I expect to see a lot...
  22. Re: New member in Hangzhou with some questions

    Yeah your right, I have a 5000 watt E-bike. It's a cheap Chinese frame designed for a 250cc motor with battery boxes welded in and a large hub motor in the rear.
    It is almost 4 years old now and...
  23. Re: New member in Hangzhou with some questions

    Here in Jilin the translation requires a stamp from a government accepted translator. No license.

    Every area is certainly different. Jilin tried to tell me that they could not do...
  24. Re: Need to id this bike and engine specifically

    looks like a 2007 ZX250 city cruiser. zxmco or lifan... they are the same brand. Should match up to the early 2000's lifan cyclone 250 or LF250-4
  25. Re: Tickets in Jilin Province... Can you even get them?

    In Jilin province the ticket is logged against the vehicle but in order to clear it, it is transferred to the drivers license of the driver. A vehicle does not get points against its license plate......
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