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  1. Re: lexmoto 125cc problems after problems help needed

    yeah rollers and belt is ok been driving it gets up to about 43 mph then dies and then gos again ill check the valves just very stange it gos up to about 40 thats it and then just dies and kicks in
  2. lexmoto 125cc problems after problems help needed

    brought a spare repair lexmoto torando 125 completely rebuilt the engine it had in it at the time as the guy had cooked the pison to point it melted onto the pin and the pin melted onto the crank...
  3. Re: Bike bogging under heavy accelaration after drop :(

    ok for some ive bought 3 engines for mine rebuilt them 3 4 times all running and it bogs out and stops and never hits top speed im about to put match to it lol
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