I just got this 2016 650nk. When it's cold it runs like crap, engine splitters, misfires etc. Idles beautifully wether hot or cold and only really misfires at low rpm. However, once it's warmed up it runs smooth as silk (most of the time).
The injector light on the dash is doing one short blip and one long blip, which I found out is code for injector 1 short circuit.
So I pulled it all apart tonight. First tested resistance in both injectors, got a reading of about 15ohms in both. Then resistance tested back to the ecu plug from each injector, tested fine, and also tested for any shorting between the 2 by checking the other injector plug from where I had backprobed the ecu plug... Open circuit, so all good. So then I kept the probe in the ecu pin for injector one (at the ecu itself) and ran the other probe over every other pin to see if any shorting in the ecu, nothing, open circuit (note this was done with the ecu unplugged)
So I swapped the injectors over to see if I get a different code. Can't delete the code at all it seems as it's just always there.
Went for a spin and it ran rough for a minute then cleared up and ran beautifully.
So I'm at a bit of a dead end here. Anybody have any advice or tests I could carry out? I'm considering getting the injectors flow tested if I can't think of anything else