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  1. #1 Cfmoto 650 tk pegs ‘foot rest rider 
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    Hi all

    So have a problem, have a broken rider footrest peg that we need to replace. Having a hell of a time finding this exact part here in Australia ..
    Anyone know where this part can be acquired here in Australia? So we don’t have to wait weeks to months for it to be imported ..have tried the junkyards and findapart but still no luck …cfmoto official has a 3 month time frame to ship the part in that’s insane!
    Anyone know which universal pegs you can say get on eBay would fit on this bike? Found some arashi pegs for a 6t0 tr …if my understanding is right the tr tk are the same bikes just the tr is the designation in China and tk is the Australian designation for the bike so those should probably work right ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks everyone!
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  2. #2 Re: Cfmoto 650 tk pegs ‘foot rest rider 
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    Hi... yes the 650TK and 650TR are one and the same What year is your 650TR/TK? Looking at the Arashi foot pegs, which appear to lean a little towards adventure style Anyway, I could possibly source you some OEM footpegs from China should you wish, although there are logistical issues which may make freight costs and timelines more than the usual (all thanks to this covid19 situation). Seemingly, the Arashi might be a possible worthy alternative and sold via eBay. Worth noting that some early model 650TR/TK had issues with footpegs breaking (worth knowing and thereby avoiding standing up on the pegs) as well as ECU issues (Ducati ECU/EFI). Let us know how you get on. Good luck
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