Hi to all

My name is Nikola and i come from Macedonia (North Macedonia).

I just got my license for motorbikes and have a big decision ahead of me in purchasing a bike.

I`m 194cm tall and 102kg weight. I`m looking for a touring adventure bike.

I was looking at the Japanese bikes from Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki but the prices are a little bit above what I can afford.

So the prices of the Japanese bikes here are:
Honda cb500x - 7700E
Honda nc760x - 8700E manual transmission
Kawasaki Versys 650 with panniers 10690E
Suzuki V-storm 650 base model was 9100E

So I`ve decided that I want a Chinese bike my options and available bikes are:
Colove 500x = 5500E (don`t know if it is with panniers or not)
Bennelli 502x = 6500E
CF Moto 650mt- 5500E ( no panners and crash guard )

Cf moto has an official dealer rest of them don`t have an official dealer or variety of spare parts.
My question is which of these bikes is best in quality and reliability.
Also I`ve read the reviews of prince member of the forum.

Every help is appreciated.

Thank you