My bike is only a couple of months old and I am experiencing random starter issues. When starting the bike, most of the time the starter works. Occasionally the bike will attempt to start and then the electric starter locks up and will not turn the engine (Kick start still works). I can't get the starter to free itself.

I then have to remove the left engine cover and clutch assembly. This gives me access to to the reduction gear, the idler gear, and sprag gear. The reduction gear will be locked solid onto the shaft that is pressed into the engine case. A few times I have been able to take vise grips and twist is back and forth enough to free it. Two other times, I have had to heat the gear with a torch and then use the vise grips to twist it loose. Each time I have removed the gear, I have polished the shaft with 1000 grit sand paper and an emery cloth to remove any gauling on the shaft. I have also polished the inside of the gear. When I re-assemble, I apply a liberal amount of gear grease on the shaft and inside of the gear.

I have ordered and received a new reduction gear and shaft from CSC.

Having said all that, I have two questions.

1) What is causing this to happen?

2) I want to replace both the shaft and gear but I have no idea how to remove the old shaft from the case. How can I do this?

Thank you in advance for any help.