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    Do I have to take out the caliper in order to change the brake shoes?

    The caliper always seem to move a bit,is this normal? I tryed to tighten the bolts but it seams to reach a point were I can't go further.
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    Sometimes you can change the pads without taking off the calipers but then you have to take off the wheel. I suggest taking off the calipers since it is not difficult and easier to work with.

    Do not over tighten the brake caliper bolts. The caliper screws/bolts that hold the caliper on the fork, ONLY hold the caliper on the fork. The caliper will be two parts, one that is fixed by the bolts, and another that is supposed to move when it pinches the pads together to squeeze the rotor.

    **Some movement in the caliper is totally natural and necessary. If the brakes can not move, the brakes will not work!!!***

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