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  1. #1 Learning to Ride in Shanghai 
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    Hello everyone!

    I recently moved to Shanghai from California and I want to learn to ride, so I was hopping for some recommendations on motorcycle riding schools in Shanghai.

    Here's a little context on my situation;

    I have no experience in driving a motorcycle however my friends often took me on their rides back home so I have been on one and I love it. I'm not too interested in a license right away since I want to learn first and see how covid develops while I'm here since I could be here anywhere from 4 months to 3 years. Also don't have a drivers license even back in California but since I have meet some people in China with motorcycle licenses without car licenses I hope this will not be a problem. My Chinese is not that good which I think will be the biggest challenge I think id put myself in HSK2 or HSK3 but I don't mind just having to struggle with the translator haha. Also for anyone wondering why I don't just wait until I go back to the states since im not planning on buying one here right away its just because if i wait to go to the states it will take a couple months before i can even take the two day driving course since i would have to get my car license first which might take a couple months plus im not sure when i will be back in Cali so i would really like to at least know how to drive one when i go back to speed up the getting a license process.

    Any information or advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Hi and welcome to MCM
    Your question has been asked multiple times, although the situation is quite fluid.
    You will have to locate and enroll into an approved driver/rider course offered by an approved driving/riding school. The course will be provided/conducted in Mandarin... sounds like you may be comfortable with this. Various driver/rider schools have been discussed on threads/posts previously.

    You may find some relevant threads in the Ride Prep & Making Tracks here to get you started. A few relevant threads including a 'sticky'

    Another idea is to do a G00gle search with key words/terms and add mychinamoto into the search, this often provides better search results than using the MCM search engine

    Post back what you find and how you manage to get on, especially given how fast things can change in the mainland
    Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist
    - Pablo Picasso
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