Heya there! Complete Newbie here
I've bought my Keeway RKV 125 E4 about 1,5 years ago and have been loving it. Now after almost 25k kilometres the clutch cable unfortunately broke while on the highway a few days ago. I have found a replacement specifically for my bike on krakowparts, but from experience, shipping to Portugal can take up to 6 weeks.
I don't think I can go that long without a method of transport, which is why I searched for a replacement cable for the suzuki engine K157FMI, which the Keeway's KW157FMI-2B Motor is based on. The attachements seem to be the same and delivery is only about 2 weeks.

Thus my question would be if there is a way to find out if this Cable would fit my bike aswell before ordering, or if its likely to be to long / short.
I really hope someone here could help me out with that :)

Thank you very much!