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  1. #1 KW157FMI-2B Intake Manifold Pipe 
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    Has anyone else encountered the issue of the KW157FMI engine having an intake manifold pipe what appears to be riveted on? Blew my top end and have purchased a new motor (Same engine Number KW157FMI-2B) and need to take the intake boot from my engine as mine is curved 45 degrees to miss my frame and my new engines intake manifold pipe is straight. Any solutions to get the old one off if needed to? Cheers.

    Bike is a Keeway TXM 125 - 015 Reg.
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  2. #2 Re: KW157FMI-2B Intake Manifold Pipe 
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    Hi CJ_J, can't help you with the manifold issue. You may like to post on another forum - Chinariders which have many members with Chinese bikes living outside China. You might just have a bit more luck digging up the info you're seeking
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