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    I became a member of MCM in May of 2008. For many years the forum buzzed with lively discussions about the Chinese motorcycle industry. However, around 2014, the activity level dwindled, and now it's almost non-existent. I'm uncertain if any veteran members still frequent this forum or keep up with the industry in China. Nonetheless, I'm here to share an important milestone- the release of the CFMoto 800MT Explore. This bike could possibly be on par with other global competitors, which is a significant achievement for the Chinese motorcycle industry. It took 15 years, but I'm finally saying the Chinese are making an impressive motorcycle.

    Website Link Here
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    Hey ChinaV, yes sir, the forum is quiet since before Covid19 started, however since the pandemic MCM has been even more quiet.
    I've been keeping abreast of both MCM and the Chinese moto world in general since the heady days where MCM was more lively.


    I read about the latest CF800MT model iteration last night <ADVrider review>


    Checked out the latest 2023 CF1250TR-G priced at 元109980 (released in the mainland domestic market 2020-2021) info is available on Wechat and TikTok.


    Appears as though lots of new mid to high-displacement capacity bikes from the established Sino brands with a few others too hitting the domestic market with some of these also entering the global marketplace.

    Things certainly haven't been standing still in the Chinese moto space...
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