My name is Ralf and I come from the Rhine Area around Düsseldorf in Germany

A drove some japanse, german and austrian bikes and after them I became interested in chinese bikes, becoming better and more availiable.
Now my interest is on a light adventure bike. It will become dirty than ugly and at the end we will see how it will run after falling down too often.

Because i dont want to spend too much money I first found the Voge 300 Rally. But Iam not so happy with the small power under 30HP because there will some (too fast) highways to be done.
By luck I had the opportunity to drive the new KOVE 450 Rally. Yes, its much more expensive (+9K) but has more than 50HP. It will need some time for the Europe homologation, so I found this community seeming to be very international.

I am happy about any new contact