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  1. #1 Parting out Zongshen Sierra 200 
    I'm parting out my Zongshen, because I took a spill on it and now have Titanium installed in me. Hells Yeah!

    The only things broken are the plastic around the headlight, the speedo, and the body work on the left side below the seat at the mounting location. There are some minor scuffs on the hand guards and the front fender has a crack.

    Motor is good, forks good, tires and bike only have 500 miles. I also have a performance carb that I never got a chance to install.

    I can take pictures of items you inquire about, or if you desire to take the whole thing, that's also cool.

    Hopefully I have something you NEED!

    p.s. It's a 2006.
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  2. #2 Re: Parting out Zongshen Sierra 200 
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    Alright you've joined the titanium club! You gonna have yours out or is it going to be a permanent fixture?

    Also, got any pics of your parts bike? That may help the sales.

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    I am interested in the whole thing if you still have it.... Please PM me the price and some photos....
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    im looking for the (side) front and back plastic fairings if they are salvageable, im also looking for a master cylinder with the mount to the handlebars and lever.
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