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  1. #1 The world's first hybrid moto? 
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    Well, no from China but from the other big motorcycle market, India. We may see those on Chinaes roads soon.

    Ekovehicles say to have the world's first hybrid motorcycle, launching in May 2010.

    Here is the story.
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  2. #2 Re: The world's first hybrid moto? 
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    We've had a hybrid scooter availbe here in the US for at least a year... and it look much cooler than the Indian one.

    It's called a "Universal Product Concepts Hybrid Scooter" and is for sale online through a tool catalog... in normal US fashion.

    Claims 200miles per gallon or about 1.2L/100km. Anyway... here's a pic and link to more info. Not sure how the two match up.

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