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    Not so many moons ago, the early pioneers of Chinese motorcycles in North America went East to encounter themselves in a land barren of spare parts and support, leaving skeletonized and utterly useless motorcycles scattered around the continent.

    Like any true pioneers, despair turned some around and frustration carried off the rest, leaving only a small few to rebuild from the scattered remains of early half-assed attempts from manufacturers and importers to sell iron horses in a land of high consumer standards.

    No matter what machine you own, it will wear over time and parts will need to be replaced. The recent failure of importers and manufacturers to properly supply parts has been felt across the industry and both have taken note. That said, itís important we understand something about the nature of how parts land on our shores.

    There is no hard rule followed by all companies regarding parts purchasing and warehousing. If Q-Link or any other importer buys OEM bikes from any manufacturer, the importer is responsible for the ordering and warehousing of spare parts. The supply of parts is determined in the contract between the manufacturer and importer so will vary from deal to deal.

    The manufacturers can set a minimum level of spare parts/product value ratio and companies like QingQi require at least 10%, sometimes offering a certain percentage free. This means if an importer orders 10,000 dollars of bikes, then they must also purchase 1,000 dollars of parts which gets packed into the spare space of each cargo container.

    An important feature of this community, which will take the effort of all members is to collect a cross referencing database on parts from other Honda and Suzuki motorcycles.

    Q-Link XF200 and XP200 owners SHOULD have plenty of spare parts from QLink, but I'm in no way guaranteeing's up to their organization. If that fails, engine-wise you can always drop in DR200 parts so no worries. Other model dependent pieces, like plastics or kickstands, will have to be supplied from the manufacturer so be sure to ask your vendor what parts they actually have in stock before buying.

    Good Luck and Happy Riding,
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    Hi Carl, my XF200 is making a ticking sound from the middle of the motor could it be the retaining clip that holds the piston pin in place has popped. It's not the valve lash.
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