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  1. #1 will work,wo`nt work (cdi problem) 
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    i`m fairly new to this fix you`re own bike thing and gotta say it`s rewarding when things go right but at the minute i`m stumped!
    why will a cdi which is not the correct one work and the correct ones don`t.the one that works only half works it dos`ent advance past 30-40mph but the correct ones for my bike don`t even spark?
    could a crap battery cause this cause the stator seems to work fine and i know the coil to be good cause it fires on the other cdi.
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  2. #2 Re: will work,wo`nt work (cdi problem) 
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    Crap battery can cause all kindza problems but they are easily tested with a volt-meter. If you're sure you've got the right until then it must be that or another wiring problem.

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