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    I always use to lean into left bends with my leg tucked behind me and I am now trying to train my body to do the opposite, leg stretched forward as I see on all the pics of other riders on Dirt bikes!
    I am sure it is correct because all seem to do it but it freaks me with visions of catching my outstretched left boot in a root or rock and busting it up. And I have a bit of a problem because my back injury and height/angle of seating means I cannot lift that leg forward properly anyway.
    Why does dirt-riding mean people have to do it this way, after all I leaned into left turns for many years with the leg tucked back!? I am sure there must be a valid reason but buggered if I can see it!
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    Hi jape,
    not really the specialist here but as I understand it, its being done for several reasons. One of them is to shift weight to the front. The aim is to get the foot next to the front wheel so that the wheel doesn't slide off. Next reason, in case it slides off, you can catch the bike better by just giving it a kick on the ground. You also do it with the right foot, in right bends, after finishing the breaking into the bend. The other foot still on the peg, should carry weight, even you are sitting you should push it down to get center of gravity lower and better grip/control. About your worries - the riders don't just stretch their legs no matter what. You see a lot of extreme pictures but riding on the track, sand or mud. Once it gets rougher, of course everybody os more careful. Actually you don't really slide the foot on the ground - that would take forces from the front wheel and you would loose control again.

    Anyway, that's my understanding. Anyone out there who knows more about it. It's certainly an interesting topic.
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    I use the foot forward when turning while riding in the dirt. Just as Pfaelzer states, it gives you the ability to get the gravity lower and more up front. Every once in a while it can act as a training wheel to kick yourself back up in a rutted or soft dirt turns but this is only at slow speeds. On a side, I found it just as difficult to go the other way and put the knee out back while turning on the asphalt. I also still get lectured about using the motocross two fingers on the front brake when on the street, rather than full hand. You just get used to what you do the most. It all works out eventually.
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