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  1. #1 Changing brake oil hose? 
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    May 2009
    was in China. will be back
    I discovered my rear brake hose had a small cut. It leaked for a while, but not any more. Too much riding in dirt sealed the leak? Brake still works, but i want to change the hose anyway.
    Any one knows how to do this? seems the ends are crimped. Do you buy the hose with the crimped ends?

    Also, did it break because its bent near the front? Does it have to be bent like this? I can't see a problem if it sticks to the swing arm.

    I would like to figure this out before i go to the dealer.
    This was not a big problem, as it was the rear brake. I can live without that. But what if that was the front, any suggestions for an emergency fix in case this happened away from civilization?
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  2. #2 Re: Changing brake oil hose? 
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    May 2009
    basicly you change the whole hose, including the end pieces. Never seen somebody seeting up these hoses with the endpieces by himself, but thats china.

    To avoid cuts in the hose use flexible steel hoses, in german called "Stahlflex". my bike has them, if you want to have a look.

    Dont forget to bleed all the air from the system before hitting the road again!
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