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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCarl View Post
    Just browsed through Loncin's sites and have to say they are unusually well designed for a C-Moto company. Even better, is the web page has a much welcomed solution to the parts dilemma.

    If you go to their "products" page, you'll notice that nearly every single one of their models has a complete online parts list with on-line purchasing! If parts are in stock then it should be a good program.

    The following samples are just two of many from Loncin's new PY250 enduro.


    Hello friends on this bb.

    Here in the USA, many men refuse to buy any Chinese bike, no matter how cheap the purchase price, because of not knowing where and how to buy repair parts for it at a later date.

    So thanks, CC, for letting us know at least one place where we in the USA can get diagrams and parts for some Chinese bikes. But, wow, did you see the high price they want for parts? Nobody wants to buy a bike if the parts are so high priced!

    Does anyone on this bulletin board have good answers about where & how we in the USA can get inexpensive repair parts for Chinese bikes? Please pm me, or post your thoughts for everyone to read on this bulletin board.

    And, thanks to Crazy Carl for this site!
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    Welcome to the site! There's lots of good folks here with a wide range of experiences all over the world answering questions and contributing their knowledge.

    The question you're asking depends on what kind of bike you're looking for. It seems progress is being made (although slowly) in regard to part supplies. Whether or not a shop will work on bikes depends on where you are and how much they want to fix an "off-brand" machine.

    For more detailed answers, you'd need more detailed questions!

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  3. #13 Locin is "start"with production of six-speed automatics 
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    Loncin and Antonov company are going in business to produce six-speed automatic transmissions. Who knows more ot this??????To learn, to know and to see more of the Antonov technology (dual-speed and six-speed automatic systems see and read this all. Very interesting.
    Antonov “The Movie”
    The news from the local government who says this: Abou
    Story of greenlight Joint Venture Loncin/Antonov for start the factory for te manufacturer six-speed AT’s
    Video and more about the dual speed technology (two speed setup unit for supercharger).
    Test driver with Chevrolet lacetti with Antonov dual-speed setup unit for supercharger system.
    Lexus with antonov dual speed setup unit for supercharger.
    Pictures and more of the Antonov dual-speed setup unit.
    Results of torque/power increase Hummer H2 with Antonov dual-speed set

    And more good videos about the Antonov automatic transmission technology.
    About Six-speed automatic transmission technology and other Antonov technolgy products.

    If you want to discus with 500 other Antonov technology enthousiastics goto:

    Website Antonov Company
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