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    IMHO, some unknown brands can be as good as the most popular ones (if not even better). Competition in the motorcycle apparel industry is enormous, so manufacturers have to offer truly high quality products to stay in business. In some cases, especially if you're newbie it's worth overpaying and buying well-known products, but if you're a senior motorcycle rider and have a lot of experience in checking quality of protective motorcycle clothing, it's useful to test a new brands and products. For example, I have discovered Pandomoto motorcycle clothing brand after reading a post on 8leilei Instagram and found lots of casual looking motorcycle riding jeans.
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    Good point. Worth reviewing and keeping up with new designs and innovation. It's probably worthwhile also being somewhat aware of various standards used in the industry globally.
    Cheap doesn't always means inferior materials, workmanship, design or shortcuts - although it can.
    This is potentially a challenge for the noob, inexperienced or casual observer.
    Buyer beAware.
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