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  1. #1 MIKILON GS250H, 250cc / 30BHP! 
    Adicto A Las Motocicletas Caferacer's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    South Africa
    Hi All,

    Check this

    Its advertised as :
    Engine A: Yingang brand

    1. Engine type: 1cylinder, 4-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke.
    2. Displacement: 250cc
    3. Cooling mode: water-cooling
    4. Start system: Electric start
    5. Max. Power: 26.6/8500500 (kw/(r/min))
    6. Max. torque: 21/7500500 (Nm/(r/min))
    7. Transmission: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
    8. Cylinder diameter: 70 (mm)
    9. Piston travel: 65 (mm) 10. Cylinder dimension: 250 (ml)
    10. Consumption(g/kw.h): ≤354
    11. Clutch type: Wet and multitudinous


    1. Frame: Aluminium frame Aluminium rear fork/rim/rear sprocket
    2. Carburettor: Mikuni. The size is 30mm 5
    3. Absorber: Fastace Up and down adjustable
    4. Chain: KMC Oil sealing chain
    5. Tyre: Innova Front: 80/100-21. Rear: 110/100-18 8
    6. Over size(LWH): 20808401220mm
    7. Seat Height: 960mm
    8. Wheelbase: 1480mm
    9. Min. Ground Clearance: 335mm loaded
    10. Max. Speed: 120km/h.
    11. Packing size: 1,830 x 500 x 870mm
    12. Sprocket: rear/front: 45/14
    13. Net Weight: 106kgs
    14. Fuel tank: 7.5Lc

    I googled Yingang ..but couldn't find that bike ..or engine

    Nice frame...

    Power: 26.6/8500500 kw

    Thats Good isn't ?

    Very tall tho...
    Seat Height: 960mm

    and Nice Geometry ... (check the frame close up)

    and light : 106kgs

    BTW the site has interesting info on parts

    And I've found a very good comment about their service and pricing (parts) here in this same forum..(search MIKILON forum) from this same Australian distributors

    I wonder how reliable can this power come from a 250 without coming from the big 4 ...And why are they doing them so tall...(Yamaha fault?)

    I use to drive a XR250R when I was 25 (1995) and that was very tall for me, I'm 1.63 cm..and now I'm 40... :(

    But it sound like a good dual-sport project..or non racing motard if you like...

    Just a nice and classic headlight ( from a Galaxy XTR250 ) ...and perhaps shorter shock ?(for me), ...

    Cheers everyone!
    I love this Forum
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  2. #2 Re: MIKILON GS250H, 250cc / 30BHP! 
    Aluminum frame dirt bike is manufactured by Shine Bike.

    We drove a race them last and the year before. Otherwise, nice bikes, but they'd be a few weak points. Wheels were weak, head tube was machined wrong and airfilterbox was poorly implemented. Electricity was a bit poorly implemented. Foot rest could be higher and narrower. There could put the CRF's foot rest when the running position would improve somewhat.

    Yingang engine is same type as Shineray XY250GY-2, but diffrent carb.

    Shine also has an option on this 300cc model. It has a 36hp.

    Here is the factory website
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  3. #3 Re: MIKILON GS250H, 250cc / 30BHP! 
    C-Moto Not-so-Noob
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    Jun 2010
    Yeah, I have seen these, but I don't think they are in production yet. I agree with the foot rests. The 300cc has a Loncin engine and it pulls hard and likes to be revved out like an MX bike, it is scary fast on the trails. I can't say much about the 250 never got my hands on one. But this is a prime examle that the big four has to start looking over their shoulder their chinese counterparts will be right there and in a few years they will be competitive at awesome prices.
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  4. #4 Re: MIKILON GS250H, 250cc / 30BHP! 
    Adicto A Las Motocicletas Caferacer's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    South Africa
    Hi guys,

    I'm getting confused

    Art.NO.:SN- GS686H 1) Frame: Aluminum/ CrMo steel frame
    2) Engine: 250cc water cooling(Yingang engine)
    3) Drive: Chain
    4) Engine type: single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valves
    5) Starting mode: kick/ electric start
    6) Bore* stroke(mm): 67*65
    7) Displacement: 249ml
    8) Max. speed: 120km/h
    9) Max. power: 19kw/9500
    10) Max. torque and rotating speed: 21n.m/8500
    11) Front/ rear brake system: disc for front, disc for rear
    12) Front/ rear type size: 70/100-21 front, 90/100-18 rear
    13) Dimensions(L*W*H): 2022 * 860 * 1280mm
    14) Seat height: 980mm
    15) N.W.: 116kg(water cooling), 110kg(air cooling)

    Looks Like the Same Bike uh?

    But The Australian Mikilon Distributor said SoldOut
    So I guess its under production, and selling well ...

    Found Yingang (lost the link) but I couldn't see that engine ..

    But Mikilon china exist as well ...

    Perhaps Mikilon is doing a similar one ?
    Haven't found it either

    But This is very similar to the BigBoy 250 isn't ?

    Not same I think, the frame looks different

    ".. head tube was machined wrong and airfilterbox was poorly implemented. Electricity was a bit poorly implemented..."
    Nothing I haven't read before in this same forum..

    Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to be more or less the usual fate ..isn't ?
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  5. #5 Re: MIKILON GS250H, 250cc / 30BHP! 
    I do not think that this bike manufactures other than Shine Bike. Importers and merchants may rename own brand. It has sold at least BSE, Eagle .... even though the bikes are manufactured by Bike Shine.

    It'd be re-designation is not rare Chinese bikes. Asiawing LD/LX450 sold around the world, many diffrent brands. Even EEC certificate consists of five different options for marks. In addition, I think even found three times the amount of other brands ->Tokens, Bigboy, Superbyke, NMcompetion, Bosolli.....
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