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    Sep 2010
    lynchburg, tn
    I have a shop in Lynchburg, TN. Home of the Jack Daniel Distillery. Long time Zongshen dealer and big fan of the Zongshen products and future potential of the company. Love riding and racing all bikes and all brands.
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    Senior C-Moto Guru culcune's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Yuma, Arizona (the 3:10 left me here)
    Welcome to mychinamoto! What is going on with Zongshen here in the US? Do you have a site?
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    Senior C-Moto Guru euphonius's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    mostly Shanghai, sometimes northern California
    Welcome, and glad to hear you are flogging Zongshens in America.

    We've been talking in a recent forum about the ill-effects of ethanol on the function of certain fuel-injected Chinese bikes. Wondering if, given your location, you've tried running your Zongshens on hootch? There are certain brands of high-proof rotgut over here that are almost cheaper than petrol....

    2010 JH600 "Merkin Muffley" (in Shanghai)
    2000 KLR650 "Feezer Ablanalp" (in California)
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