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  1. #1 Never bought the qlink 
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    After seeing the Qlink motards on ebay for $1395 shipped.. and finding a number of dealers who would match that deal.. I ultimately decided not to buy one. Even a price that is half of what some others paid, I felt that I would not be able to get my money back when it comes time to sell..

    Instead I ended up buying a 74 Honda CB200 for half the money ($700). It's not a dual sport but it's perfect for everything but the HW. It's a blast to ride and is one of the best looking designs in motorcycle history (IMO).. It's also it great condition with low miles so I'll be able to get my money back when it's time to move on. ( A rule that has served me well )

    I would still like to try one of the Qlinks one day.. but I believe my next bike will be something big enough to take on the HW.
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    Well heck we could all have done that!

    I understand your point, I had a CB250 of the same period for years ( I was young when it was) and once it even got me a hundred miles to home and safety with a hole in the cylinder the size of a twenty cent piece.

    But these modern Chinabikes, even the klunkers like my Kinlon are as good and as fast as those machines were standard. Some are much better and are even reliable! People forget these early Jap bikes also used to break down and you couldn't get parts either back then with dealers going bust and existing workshops refusing to work on them. Today you have many years of history and I suspect you are falling in love with that rather than the adventure of a new cheap china bike!

    But hey, good luck, they are all bikes and we like them all. Very little beats riding a bike you have saved up for and look after yourself.
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