Greetings all!

I've decided to get into Chinamotoing. I've ordered a DF250RTD from Belmonte Bikes after searching for a drop-shipper with decent feedback for this version of the bike. The new version of the RTD is a café racer (not a cruiser, like previous versions) and I'm hoping you all can offer any pointers on the initial setup of these bikes and any tips specific to the OHC engine. Here's a stock photo of the bike:



I've ordered one in gray, just like the one pictured. I'll post more to this thread once the bike arrives and as I put miles on it. So far what I've gathered from reading various threads is that I should do the following for an initial setup:

-Change the oil to a higher quality brand (what's the best grade?)
-Ensure all fasteners are tightened properly
-Check all wiring connections and ground points
-Adjust the idle speed once warmed up using a digi tach
-Vary the engine's operating speeds during initial break-in, avoiding long cruises at the same MPH/KPH

Am I missing anything?