Shandong Baoya Vehicle (Group) CO., LTD

Is a wholesaling group that is selling for various manufactures…..
Here are some of the models they are offering for bulk purchase.

They claim to have relations with five OEM factories I can see two for sure….

Who owns the EPA certificate? Is it the importer or the actual manufacturer? The WMI has to reflect the actual factory were the model is manufactured and if the bikes are not at least 70% USA components you legally cannot alter that to a USA based WMI, it would be in violation of federal law.

The EPA certificate should follow the vehicle, its associated with the actual VIN and that associated with a NHTSA filling. You can offer a million brand names but the VIN on each model that is the same has to be the same under federal regulations.

Basically they will sell the bikes to anyone….there are all kinds of violation ongoing models not recorded with the NHSTA and if they are they may not be meeting that within federal regulations. A WMI has to legally reflect the actual physical factory a unit is manufactured in. Then when filled with the NHSTA it must reflect the model in detail and within it’s VIN that codes it. Then that defines the model and it is or is not listed on or in the EPA list as a conforming model.

Creating a WMI that is USA based and then importing to the USA is a violation of federal trade regulations it is in fact claiming it is manufactured in the USA and it then must have at least 70% American Made Parts.

The DR200 is made at JS1 Suzuki does not sell any Chinese made models in the USA, the GZ250 is made at VTT that’s Spain. Some of the smaller quads are made at LM4 that’s a plant in Taiwan and the larger quads are made at 5SA which is a plant in Georgia USA.

The TU250 is made in Japan and so is the DR200 if not then Suzuki is in violation of federal regulations. They have not submitted a filling since 2008 and that could be and typically means nothing has changed. Production has not changed and models have not changed the coding still is consistent.