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Hi, Just joined the forum and would appreciate advice on travelling thru' China.
We are starting from Central Europe in May,2012 heading east to Mongolia, then south, but all my reading says China will be a no go on a NX650 Honda.
We have explored freighting bikes from Mongolia to Laos and then we would train it thru' China and catch up with the bikes in Laos. The journey then continues down the islands to Oz.
Anyone got any experience with traversing China as a foreigner by motorcycle??????
There is so much bullshit out there I would really like to hear from someone that has done it.
Dear John,

Welcome to the forum, and looks like a fantastic adventure you are planning. Similar to another one that was posted in these pages recently. This Great Ride Forward is a ride report and is not the right thread for your query, but you could do a lot worse than having a read through this thread, where similar questions are being asked. Then maybe post specific questions. You could start another thread titled something like "Transiting China by motorcycle", and create something easier to find with enduring value for others with similar plans.

Good luck!