Ten days sidecar trip to Inner Mongolia( Manzhouli )China

Simple introduction of Manzhouli

As a small town, Manzhouli is situated in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, with Russia and Mongolia in the north. Well known as "the Window of Eastern Asia", Manzhouli is the largest foreign trade port in China's land border. Manzhouli tour is famous for the Hulun Buir Grasslands which are filled with beautiful wild flowers during the spring and summer months and the famed Hulun Lake which is China's fifth largest freshwater lake

During this trip, we will ride on the grassland, most of time live in the tent not hotel( one or two nights in hotel), cook at outside by ourselves)

Start time : Start on 16th of July,2011
Start place: BeiJing

General routes

First day:
Gather In the center of BeiJing, take taxi to the airport and then fly to Manzhouli, take taxi to the hotel from where we will pick up and test the sidecars.

Second day:
Ride sidecar from Manzhouli to Xinbaerhu( pass the Hulun Buir Grasslands), is about 150 kms.

Third day:
Xinbaerhu --Aershan , is about 400 km

Fourth- six days
Aershan- Xinlinhaote (all three days we will ride on the grassland with wild flowers, flocks and herds, and original herdsmanís family.

Seventh days
Xinlinhaote -- Taibosiqi

Eightth days:
TaibosiqióBashang grasslandstay there one day( live in the farmerís Siheyuan, have a big party )

Tenth day ride back to BeiJing.

If you would like to join us , please e-mail or call me confirm it till the 15th of June,2011( minimum10 bikes, maximum 16 bikes)
Any questions just let me know,Any suggestions for this trip is highly appreciated!

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