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  1. #1 Suzuki DR 200 parts for Qlink XF200 
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    qlink blue 1.jpgI have a Qlink 2009 XF200 made by Quingqi with third gear blown and have torn apart and needing parts. I sent factory parts list to JP motorsports a week ago and they submitted to Qlink parts and have not got any answer back from them. I am tired of waiting and now want to buy engine parts from local suzuki shop. Does anyone know the exact Suzuki Dr200 that I can get parts for my XF200? I replaced the clutch a few months ago and it was actually a Suzuki Se125 clutch and it worked perfect. I dont want to order the wrong parts and get stuck with non fitting parts. I know someone has took the plunge and used Suzuki parts on their qlink before. From what I have researched the Suzuki parts are half price of the Qlink parts and most likely made better to last longer. Some one chime in and let me know what model and year Suzuki will work and I will post info so everyone can give Qlink some competition.

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  2. #2 Re: Suzuki DR 200 parts for Qlink XF200 
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    I am not sure if these are your parts

    $40.00 USA

    You would need the weight and then the cost to ship…compare that to prices here.

    I would call Qlink myself if I was you and ask, for the price and availability and also compatibility they should know.
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