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  1. #1 Sinnis Apache - help needed 
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    May 2011
    Hi there all

    I need you help guys!

    So when push started bike starts no problem but gears indicator starts flashing and when you try to open the throttle engine stalls
    Push started it again and turned headlight on and it flashes with the same rate as the gear indicator when indicators are on all flashes with the same speed as the indicators. I need to push start the bike each time as battery reading shows 11.9V but there is no enough current to spin the starter motor. I have taken starter motor out and push started and no change (removed as suspected to be faulty- starter relay didn't click but then it did and then it stopped again:) ) the starter motor it self is good checked by connecting directly to other 12V battery
    I have fitted new spark plug no change (old one looked fouled and that day when the bike refused to start again I had choke open for around 10min when I was riding it )

    CLUTCH SWITCH/SIDE STAND SWITCH/NEUTRAL SWITCH/STARTER SWITCH/IGNITION COIL checked for continuity as described in Haynes manual for Chinese motorcycles and all those parts seems to be functioning correctly

    DIODE check (two on my bike marked GYGG, multimeter set to diode/continuity test reading showed 624 and 630 which I think translates to 6.24 and 6.3 V ???) I think that means they are good but not sure as Haynes manual says it should show continuity ( 000 reading) but then I've read on-line that it actually should show some value ???

    STARTER RELAY (does not make the click when battery in - is it because batter have no enough juice ? ) but when tested for continuity ( between two pins in the connector plug and between two terminals) it seems to be good

    ALL WIRES show continuity too, they are not damaged and ground points look clean no rust or oxidizing on connectors or terminals.

    Things I have not checked not sure how

    stator and pick up coil and CDI module and regulator/rectifier

    but do you think that one of those may be causing described symptoms
    I can buy all those parts but but is there any way to narrow it down. Other then that I don't want to fry new CDI if let say stator is faulty and supposedly it could come to that - BTW is that true statement ???

    Please Help me !!! :) I have been riding the bike for 2500miles and no problem whatsoever and then one day it refuses to start

    Thanks to all of you I may be able to get on the road again some time soon

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    I think you need a new battery. My Qlink would kick start but the engine died as soon as you opened the throttle. Battery just died one day less than six months old.
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