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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaV View Post

    There are feeler gauges, and then there's the good old Chinese feeler method. I wouldn't want to count on the latter, but I did actually do it one time on a rental bike in Vietnam. Intake was tighter than a new bride so I set it by feel. There's an old saying that too loose is better than too tight, but why risk it.

    BTW, you did sit in the shop all night and wait until morning when the engine was stone cold to adjust the valves... right?

    Are tappets set hot or cold? That depends on engine
    These are shit engines and badly made tappets as there's a weird angle between the adjuster and valve
    Won't make much if any difference as you can't truely make up for poor design
    Hot or cold both will be better then twat mechanics here
    If hot do a slightly smaller gap - the old design won't make any real difference

    Just use a good reliable method not the twat method
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    Very important thread to keep your engine sound and well. Just two more tips if I may. Do this during service when oil is drained as some might come out of the side hole when the engine is turned. If not sure if the valves are on rocking point, you can undo the cover on the top of the engine exposing the gear and valve drive. On the gear and casing is "dot" marks that should correspond. On the Loncin LX250GY or CBP engine the cover is secured with two 8 mm nuts. On some other engines the cover has a 10 mm nut on the other side. See picture. It is essential to remove the fuel tank on most bikes to do this task.
    ChinaV, I used your moving engine image on the maintenance page of my blog if its ok with you.
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