“Energica”, an all – electric sports bike, by the Italian manufacturer CRP Racing, has been unveiled at the EICMA 2011 motorcycle show in Italy. This bike is a complete transformation from the view point of race bike to a “street bike”. This is the first step taken towards the “green” concept to develop an electric consumer transport alternative. CRP aims to develop the green technology not only on the racing tracks but also on the streets.

Energica is motorized by a PMAC synchronous motor having permanent magnets that can deliver a power of 100kW that is equivalent to 136 horsepower. The maximum speed offered by the bike is 220 km/h with a torque of 16 kgm. The bike will have a range of 150 km and the efficiency of the power train is estimated to be around 95%. It has innovative 100% LED lights and LCD dashboard. The front tire has dimensions of 120/70-17 while that of the rear tire is 180/55-17. The front wheel size is 3.50 X 17.0 inches and the rear wheel size is 5.50 X 17.0 inches. Energica has Matris rear monoshock absorber that is adjustable in length and Marzocchi as fork provider. Ohlins also serves as the shock absorber as well as the fork provider, though this may be reserved for the higher end designs. This race bike uses a lithium-polymer 7.4 w/h power supply that is based on Lipo batteries, that weigh 52 kilograms. The bike may weigh 160kg. No information has been given about the battery life and the charging time.

The price of Energica starts from €15,000 ($20,578 USD), though it can be booked at €1,500 deposit ($2058 USD). This price is does not include VAT. This model is a result of the fame and experience that CRP has received at the FIM e-Power and TTXGP electric motorcycle championships. Energica is not just an alternative energy source model, but also a model of high technology and unique design.

Source: Crazy Engineers