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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhejiang rider View Post
    I've been reading some stories that basically in China, the foreigner always gets blamed if someone is injured no matter who is really at fault.

    Can you get insurance against this? Because if the foreigner is always found at fault wont the insurance just refuse to pay because it's "your" fault?
    A big bullshit.
    You get your fair say in matters like this.
    Mr steel is spot on.
    Just fit a motorbike Dash Cam.
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    These kind of statement "always laowai's fault" I cannot confirm.
    I had two accidents, one as car driver ten years ago in Tianjin, one as bike rider 5years ago in BJ. Both time no injuries.

    The first was recorded by police, situation judged correctly, papers filled and opponents insurance paid accord. to repair bill. The procedure took a half day.

    Second time the police came with their camera fixed on the uniform and recorded and analysed the situation correctly again.
    The process was professional, fast and the officers polite. So I have nothing to complain about them.

    Of course its also a matter of one persons own behavior. I stayed calm and polite to officers during the process no matter what they asked. Same with the opponent with whom i didn't discuss anything and just told them let's wait for police and let them judge.

    Besides that my vehicles have been legal, insured, and with valid technically inspection and I have a driving license C1D.

    My final advise: have a valid license and buy a legal vehicle even its not the one you dream of. Keep your sh..t in good order and bear the efforts to do so.

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    Didn't seem that slabo guy got his fair say. Someone literally walked in front of him and he still ended up shelling out for her injuries out of his own pocket. Insurance didn't pay. Although "laowai always gets blamed" is probably an oversimplification on my part. It's more like "Person with no guanxi always gets blamed". Foreigners tend not to have guanxi, start making those policeman friends right now!
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