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Thread: Zongshen e-bike

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    Thanks Felix. I really enjoy the 6 to 8 minute commute to work, I wish it was longer. Unusually for China, although I live in a big city most days when I go to work there are almost no cars on the nice big 3 lane road. It feels really good.

    That was a good price for your bike, especially as you were able to upgrade to a 72v. Your bike also looks to have a better build quality than the previous generation. With 72v it must go like the clappers, especially with a smaller body. That's a big front tyre you have. My Zongshen has a good solid feel and looks to have a good build quality. Recharging is no problem, I live in an apartment block with a power point next to the bike parking area. I could also plug in at work.
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    The model i dream of Zongshen it's this one, the EVASION. A dealer have in Montreal!
    It's a 72 volts model and 16" wheels!
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