Hi Guys,

RSPEED - www.rspeedmoto.it - are looking for a distributor in China. If you have an interest in becoming a distributor for the race suits/jackets/leathers or know someone that does please let me know. I have samples and they sponsor me for my 1 peice suits also which I find exceptional.

Appreciate not the most informative post on the company or the product range but if you need more info or would like to see some of the their samples please get in touch on here, I'ts owned by my friend and they now have some top class SBK guys wearing the suits. I'm in Shanghai and will be doing spending time using the products at the tracks here - as soon as the weather gets better!

Some details of the race suits:

Premium Cow Hide Leather
1.3mm (0.53inch) Thickness
Matt Color
Superior Durability, Softness And Strength
Cut And Puncture Tested
Double Leather Layers On Back And Sides Where Racers Slide The Most

Perforated Leather Used in Front, Back and Leg Areas
Provides Maximum Ventilation and Comfort In High Temperatures and Provides Cooling During High Performance Riding

ASSC Advanced Safety Seams Construction
Layered Leather Over Stitching In High Stress Locations
Provides Maximum Strength While Maintaining Flexibility

Neoprene Construction For Comfort and Flexibility
Soft Collar With 1.1mm Neoprene Construction
Neoprene On Wrist Areas For Increased Control Operation

Special Wolf Stretch Panel System
On Back, Shoulder And Chest
Provides Impressive Torso And Arm Flexibility And Freedom of Movement
Less Stress On Your Body And Better Performance
On The Lower Back And Sides
Provides Exceptional Flexibility While In Riding Position
Allows the Rider to More Easily Hang Off The Bike With No Resistance From the Suit
On Knee And Elbows
Allows Easy Flexibility Where Your Body Moves the Most During Hard Cornering
Calf Panels
Maximum Comfort For Long Sessions and Ability to Adjust to Various Rider's Builds

Shoeller Switzerland Keprotec Elastic Kevlar
Extremely High Performance Material Which Offers Both Protection and Freedom of Movement In High Stress Areas
Placed inside of Sleeve, Chest, Crotch, Leg and Calve Areas
Offers Superior Ventilation, Muscle Compression and Flexibility
Extremely High Movement Angles While Not Sacrificing Protection

CE Certified En1621 1 Type A And Type B Protection
Shoulder , Elbow, Knee and Hip Areas
Hard Outer Shell And Inner Absorbing Foam

Level 1 Or Level 2 Integrated Back Protector
Provides Impressive Protection And Flexibility

Special Hard Aluminum External Protectors
Placed On Hard Impact Areas: Shoulder, Elbow And Knee
Aluminum Construction Because Titanium Is Not Allowed In Europe (Spark Ignition Problems -Titanium May Spark and Ignite Fuel)

Absorbing Foam Between Shoulder And Elbow

Hard Impact Absorbing System On Chest And Back

YKK High Strength Small Tooth Zipper

MotoGP Style Aerodynamic Hump
Maximum Aerodynamic Efficiency Means Higher Top Speeds

Removable Velcro Sliders (Included)
Soft "Feel" On Track

Removable Mesh Lining With Elastic Microfiber Inserts
Easily Removable and Washable
Provides Long-lasting Comfort and Movement