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  1. #1 Newbie with some observations. 
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    Ok, 2 days ago i got my first chinese bike. It's a very low mile '07, incredibly clean and fairly well-equipped. I mean even my honda XR doesn't have
    an electric start! Mine was purchased from the original owner who for 1 reason or another let it set long enough for the carb to gum up and the battery to die.
    These bikes put me in mind of an original model T, they're incredibly basic machines, when cared for they're reliable and foremost in this comparison, they're economical.
    What i'm getting at here is people buy these things with no concept of maintenance, which they DO require and at the first breackdown, they're on the use market with a poor reputation to go along with them.. These "cheap" bikes represent a terrific way for even the poorest of us to get in the wind if we're willing to accept the idea that we WILL occasionally have to perform some basic maintenance and the odd roadside repair (just like our model T forefathers) : )
    The only downside i can see in North America is the lack of readily available parts. That's what nearly kept me from grabbing the one i found. Sure glad i have a little mechanical aptitude and some confidence or my bike would be languishing in some other guys garage. :)china bike3.jpg
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    Amen, to the basic maintenance needed!
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