A fantastic side benefit of being involved with sidecars here in Beijing as part of the parts buying group initiative are all the fantastic photos that I come across on a daily basis. I want to store these for easy viewing so you too can easily access.

Below are some quick thumbnail images of the most recently created photo album - sidecars and dogs. There is one exception to the photo album, and yes it involves a camel. Check out:

http://www.sidecarpro.com/Photos-and...ecar-dogs.html and decide for yourself if he looks happy in the bucket.

Photos___video_David_Walker_Babushka_close-up.jpg Photos___video_Mike_Easton_Ava_and_cows_in_the_paddock.jpg Smilingdog_Jessie_war_face.jpg Photos___video_Thor_Hershey_PA.jpg

The photo albums can also be reached straight off the home page http://www.sidecarpro.com/ under the photos and videos tab.

Hope the photos bring a smile to your face as they did mine.

Cheers from Beijing