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Thread: Genesis GXT 200

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  1. #1 Genesis GXT 200 
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    Genesis GXT 200

    Firming up the front end.

    I'm in Nicaragua Central America there are very few paved roads here (great for riding), just bought a Genesis GXT 200 and I found that the front end dives under braking and in general is way to soft.

    I want to change the Fork oil but can't find any information on how much to fill in and what type of oil to use.

    Also the motor is not too bad but it is sluggish, any tips on making it a bit more responsive and or added power tricks or aftermarket parts would be great.

    Anyone with information on this please send it to me, can't seem to find any shop manual or information on it.


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    Your bike is made by Qingqi. Here is the english version manual for a Qlink XP200 and XF200 (US version);!

    Our version of your bike is the Qlink XP200, dual sport style. I have a XF200, supermoto style

    Be aware that it does not show your style of front forks, only the USD style.

    This version shows both styles but it's in Portuguese;

    The Portuguese version says that both styles of forks use 330 ml of oil in each leg. You can add a higher weight as they come with 10 w. You can also add a spacer on top of your style to add more pre-load. It is more difficult to do this on the USD style.

    There are a few ways to help with the motor. A different pipe and jetting come to mind. Also, sprocket changes will help depending on your type of riding. Do search for Qlink or Qingqi by author forchetto. He hasn't posted in awhile but has left a lot of good information on these bikes.
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