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It's possible to fit a sidecar (outfit) to the JH600 however it wouldn't be the same as the factory released version which has a reverse gear (different gearbox), and all the sidecar (chair) mounting brackets etc tied into the frame for example, whereas the standard two wheeler JH600 doesn't have these features nor a number of others. Just to clarify that previous statement, Jialing don't sell the chair separately, so you'd have to find a chair to fit. Also, the two models differ in a number of ways, that would make it a bit of challenge to fit a chair to the JH600 two wheeler so that it ended up being the same as the outfit released by Jialing factory.

Now having said that, it's pretty near on impossible to get the bike officially re-registered as a side car after the fact. Essentially mods in PRC are frowned upon. The vehicle has to conform to the documentation/certification supplied by the manufacturer.

It wasn't that long ago that one had to acquire pre-approval to change the paint colour on a vehicle, though some jurisdictions now allow one to paint first and apply for the change afterwards.

Everything he says here is on target and true.........