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  1. #1 K-007 Tron four wheeled freak bike!!! 
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    A four wheeled concept freak of nature bike I've seen before but doubted it would be brought to the US. I was wrong and it's for sale at for $1398.00

    It's not road legal and I'm really not sure what you could do with it (it's a 150cc) but it sure would be novelty only at 152lbs???

    - Product Link -

    - K-007 Tron bike -

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  2. #2 Dodge Tomahawk rip-off 
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    The original was even more frightening...This was the Dodge Tomahawk, fitted with a V10 Viper engine putting out 500 BHP.
    Dodge actually sold 10 of its outrageous Tomahawk motorcycles. Powered by the Dodge Viperís 8.3-litre, 500bhp V10, the Tomahawk could, in theory, accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 1.75 seconds and hit a top speed of 560km/h (or even 680km/h, depending on who you choose to believe!) Either way, it didnít really matter, because at its price of US$550,000 itís a wonder Dodge even sold 10 of these.

    Google Dodge Tomahawk for the original. There's even a YouTube video about.
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  3. #3 tires 
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    i would keep the tires and chuck the rest in a dumpster
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