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Thread: Regal Raptor?

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    C-Moto Not-so-Noob kiamo's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    This regal Raptor 250E-9A is going for 12500 just round the corner from my home. Plates included. It's got less than 9k under it, EFI, and water cooled.

    Not really my style of bike but it sparked my interest and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about "Regal Raptorô. I've never heard of them before. Perhaps it will just fall apart within a month or two.


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  2. #2 Re: Regal Raptor? 
    Danger, Will Robinson! Lao Jia Hou's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Yup, I had one of these for a few months, and I know some others who have also purchased RRs.

    They are a Chinese cruiser clone, with some quirks, but perfectly fine if you don't expect too much from them, and don't stray too far from the service department. Yup, some things will break, or need adjustment, but the price of servicing a Chinese bike is very low. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for.

    No idea how much those plates are, but I think a new bike, by itself, is 16K, plus taxes, fees, etc. So probably 17K, new, out-the-door, without plates?

    Add 60,000 (?) for Shanghai A plates, 25,000 for Beijing A plates.
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    Senior C-Moto Guru ZMC888's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Zibo, Shandong - Sometimes SW England
    Yeah, I've got a RR. Not a cruiser style, but maybe like a CB250 with CMX250 wheels etc. Cost me 10,000 and I've rebuilt the thing maybe three times over in 30,000 Km's and three years. Bike goes OK now, but I wouldn't buy one again. The cruisers are better quality than mine but then the raked out riding position doesn't fit Chinese roads and some parts are difficult to get as RR sit on the spares and try to get top dollar of their parts. For a Chinese brand, they are fine. If I had 15,000 to spend on a bike I'd save up and buy a GW250.
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    Senior C-Moto Guru euphonius's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    mostly Shanghai, sometimes northern California
    Dear Kiamo,

    If it's not your specific preference, don't buy it. No need to be tempted by a purported, alleged "good deal."

    If you are keen to ride, think about how and where you'll ride, and your own preferences, then go out and find the bike you want. Though China is a chaotic place with lots of restrictions and limited choices, there is method to the madness and you'll be a lot happier if you don't just bite at the first thing that comes along. Being in Guangdong (which city?) you are in good company, as some of the most knowledgeable and experienced MCM riders in China are there in your patch.

    And now, to disclose my biases, by far the best riding in China is rural and mountainous, and Guangdong is blessed with a lot of it (see ride reports by ChinaV, futianshenzhen, serpentza and others). The LAST bike you'd want on rides like that is a backslung cruiser. Spend some time in MCM going through the various reports on various bikes, and take advantage of the vast experience and intelligence -- subjective and objective -- about the bikes that are available in China as you make up your mind about what to get.

    And one more thing: Given the generally passive, defensive, knee-jerk, untrained, uninformed, unprofessional, everything-is-a-nail level of service in China, the risks of buying a used bike are greater here than in other countries. At least with a new bike you have SOME chance of getting service, though quality and your mileage may vary. Apart from the question of whether it's an appropriate ride for you, is that Regal Raptor a good buy, or a pig in lipstick?

    Keep us posted!
    2010 JH600 "Merkin Muffley" (in Shanghai)
    2000 KLR650 "Feezer Ablanalp" (in California)
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    Nov 2012
    where no one speaks english...
    you will be better off spending 2X as much and getting a new G@250, or try a 2nd hand imported Ninja or some 250 import bike, must be better than even a new chinese bike, i wouldnt buy a used chinese bike nless it was a crapper to screw around on in the cities... for 10000 more you will eliminate all your headaches of a chinese bike (breaking carborators, pedles, crappy mufflers, etc) and you will save the time that it takes to take the damn thing into the shop and wait for it to get repaired... It really sucks when you have to waste 1/2 a day taking the bike in for repair... go with a more known and trusted brand with larger product selection... but again, better just fork out the extra cash and buy japanese...

    if today you bought both that used 250 and a new GW250, in one year you will be killing yourself cause you will waste 1000 or 1000's in repairs on the chinese 250... and you cuold have put those 1000's of RMB's towards a good bike like the GW

    After I bought and used my chinese 150 shit bike i found out just how much of a headache they can be, and how easily they can crap out, especially if you drive htem hard. ... since I changed to only suzuki, no problems what so ever, and the bikes are much smoother, faster and quiet (and even look slightly better)

    the JH600B does grab my interest though... I saw that on taobao in the last few months and was thinking to get one to play around on. I guess Lao and others on here own one. I will have to try to find some specific threads on it and see if it has any quality problems (I think i read about the engine stalling on start up sometimes). If anyone can point me in the direction of JH600B info please let me know, thnx
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