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  1. #1 New QingQi QM125T-10R scooter feedback wanted 
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    We're looking for market feedback on the new QingQi QM125T-10R. Because there are so many different scooter variations out there, it would be nice to see if our input can help create a scooter we'd really like to see and ride.

    We're looking for comments like:

    1) Overall style, shape and design of the bike - We're talking about first impressions, colors, angles and apparent finish which can include the casting and plastics as well.

    2) Performance Numbers - What kind of power and fuel economy do you need from a small fuel efficient scooter?

    3) Experience - What features does the bike have (or not have) which you would like to see to make it fit your riding style, needs and habits?

    4) How much would you pay for this bike and how does it compare to others you have heard about or ridden?

    Thanks again for you input guys!

    Much Scooter Love,


    • Top Speed: ~85km/h
    • Lamp Quality: EC Lamps Quality meaning these are the same quality lamps all Japanese Monsters such as Honda, Suzuki use.
    • Displacement: 125cc engine
    • Colours: RED/BLACK/YELLOW
    • Warranty:Full 1 year warranty ( Factory )
    • Weight:~115 kg

    No other numbers available at this time.

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    That's a nice sporty style, I like they shape and racing look. It looks agile, swift, and aggressive. Simple solid colors are great and have lasting appeal. Graphics packages grow old fast.

    Performance wise, users would expect 11 HP, a top speed of 60mph, and a real 70 mpg. Fuel injected???

    Now, in the US market, sporty designs underperform. Many folks want a commuter and tend to favor retro styles for plain utility. Both big wheel scooters and sports styles are catching on here, but most guys will buy a sport bike if they are inclined towards speed and handling. furthermore, when an average user look at the sporty designs they tend to focus on the reduced storage, lack of glovebox, missing rear rack. Extended season users will fault the inability to mount a windshield and reduced legshield size.

    Does this bike have 12 or 15 inch wheels? A similar bike, the Kymco Super8 has 15's.

    The US market would expect to pay $3000 for a top-brand warranteed 125, but only $1200 for an internet special.

    I would add two things to this bike that would mitigate it's lack of cargo. Firstly, replace the rear grips with a one-piece low profile flat topped rack that could be mounted in the same holes. Secondly, offer a custom fit "tank bag" that fits flush into the step-through area and hooks onto the current baghook. I can't imaging that either item would cost much...but would greatly improve it's utility while preserving the sporty look.

    Good luck on the development. Peej
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