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    Quote Originally Posted by Snev313 View Post
    Hi all,

    got a question....

    I know that to keep a SH plate it has to be attached to a bike, or if I bought a bike I need to attach a plate within 6months to it... how does it look like with the yearly insurance and safety inspection after?

    Does the bike need to be inspected every year and I paid for the insurance to have no issues with the plate ...

    Example: My insurance and technical inspection ran out in Januar 2016... now its August, ergo more than 6 months... does this cause me any issues regards to the plate... (besides all the other issues I would have due to not be legally covered in case of an accident)

    To make it even more dramatic: Could I park my bike now and don't drive in the next 2 years but then pay insurance, technical inspection and registration in 2018 again. So my bike is fully legal again I can drive and my plate still valid ?

    Thx for any insight...
    I don't know about SH, but this works in Beijing. The previous owner of my bike had an expired safety inspection and it made no difference when he went in for a new inspection. Also, by the the time I bought the bike the insurance had lapsed and that posed no problem at all to go in a renew the insurance for another year starting the day I renewed. Insurance of course you can walk in to to the office to purchase, but the safety inspection you have to drive in (or deliver on the back of a truck), so you run the remote risk of getting dinged for driving an uninspected vehicle while on the way to inspection
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    tech inspenction must be done when you sell the bike. normally it is done in those vehicle trading centers.
    insurance, either the buyer takes it. he pays you the value of the rest. Or you cancel the insurance upon the trade is done.
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