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  1. #11 Re: Has anyone here evr bought anything from 
    C-Moto Not-so-Noob jimwelsh's Avatar
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    I have bought many parts from

    I use this translation site :

    The taobao listings appear in English when you use their search box. When you order, there is a charge.
    They order it in to their warehouse from taobao, then you pay them the costs including shipping.
    I have managed to get key switches and handlebar switches from them plus a flywheel removal tool etc. for my bike.
    It takes 2-3 weeks to ship to the UK.

    I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulikedat View Post
    I have a 2008 xf200 and am looking to buy parts and tools for my bike. I noticed that there are a bunch of readily available (and very inexpensive!) parts on for the qingqi gm200. (which is pretty much the same bike besides the graphic and the name.) I was curious to see if anyone in north America has ever bought anything on (which is the Chinese equivalent of eBay) and if so, what has been your experience and how were shipping prices?
    I don't buy from Taobao because I can't navigate through the website so I use a Taobao agent instead. service is good and shipping prices depend on the weight of your purchase. Even after charges, you will find it affordable.
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    Taobaofocus have been around for several years and provide the same type of service as a number of Taobao agents. Also Aliexpress which is affiliated thru the Alibaba is a similar Taobao "shop" that has English interface and ships globally...
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    Taobao has recently made it much more harder for none Chinese to open up a account with Taobao.
    You need to have an Activision code sent to a Mob number.

    I find with all the other Taobao related sites just don't have the full listing of item that Taobao does.
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