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Hey there Mr Hooligan,,,, Hahhaaha Chinese bikes still do not compare with Jap bikes when compared on quality ,,,but on price they compare very well,,,so you pays your money and takes your choice..as for prejudice ,,,,if anyone takes the piss,,either,,burn them off,,or smack them in the yob !!!!! life,s full of choices
Bhaha quite precisely lipsee, exactly, i guess all im trying to get at is that they are good for the money you pay, and if you like tinkering with bikes, well, a c - moto is for you haha !! And exactly, i have to put up with little chavs that ride around on their 50cc peds, wearing nothing nut a tracksuit and nike trainers, well, i dont really give.a shite if they fall off, i would only stop to see if the bike is okay hahaha !!!