Just got an email.......
Dear BG Race members,

Due to the Beijing Golden Port Circuit was fully booked from 15/4/13 to 30/4/2013 by car people so
there wont be any open practice time for racers who wanted to race at the 1-2/5/2013 Racing Festival.

The Golden Port Circuit has a open practice 2 days on the 13-14/4/2013, so bikers whod like to
practice before the actual 1-2/5/2013 race can do so during these 2 days.

The cost for EACH bike to practice at the Golden Port Circuit EACH Day is at RMB 1200/day
and RMB 2000 if use both days, with approx 4-5 X 20 min sessions / per day.
(These 2 days will also be open track days for Cars.)

This Beijing SBK Race has a CUT OFF entry number at 25, any entry recd after the 25th rider WILL NOT be

Any members whod like to have support or need to know more info can contact us for details.

Riders race Entry form, Race details, rules and regulations can be viewed here :