As many in Beijing already know, Zhang Hai Tao (Goldenport) is no longer the Service Center in Beijing for Jialing 600 and 600B motorcycles. He has switched over to being the dealer for MV Augusta.

The new Jialing Service Center in Beijing is now run by Qin Shao Lei, who is also a registered license plate agent.

His place is in South Beijing (south 5th ring road), not too far from Qili (but too far to walk).

Call him for location, etc.

138 0136 8580

He has been bringing in several JH600B-A sidecars each month, and they seem to be selling very well. Both A and B plates are now available for these sidecars in Beijing (they have been put on the list of approved bikes).

Gave him my money today for a new 600B-A. But I picked up the A plate elsewhere for a great price - btw, one more sidecar A plate is available, if anyone is interested.