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Thread: lexmoto xtrs

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    hi all new to here i own a lexmoto xtrs on 2012 plate it has the ohc engine type of the 156 fml im looking to increase to 150cc or re engine to 200cc where can i get a barrel kit the ones ive looked at are all for the earlier cg copy , which engines can i use to get to 200cc with out huge modifcations
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    Follow my blog, I've ordered a big bore kit, whether it will fit is another question, if it works out head down my route :)

    But going by images of a melted pin from someone else's engine the new big bore kit from china I ordered does look promising as it does seem to be identical, but I don't want to recommend a product that may or may not fit.

    In short the easiest option is a 156cc kit, the 200cc capacity requires much more work as the engines with 200cc have a much bigger stroke whereas the 156cc kit is just a wider bore and piston.

    Hopefully by mid June I should have all my items with me and fitted which will be the 156cc kit, longer lift cams and a oil cooler. Just playing the waiting game on parts from china.
    Lexmoto XTR-S 156FMI (156cc big bore) - 163FML Cams (+1mm lift) - Foam Filter - Sports Exhaust - 17T Sprocket - 110 Main Jet - PZ30 Carb - Aprillia RS Ignition Coil - Casoli CDI

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