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  1. #1 How to: Oil and filter change for K157FMI (Pulse, Sinnis, Superbyke, etc) 
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    Hello all!
    This is my first post on this forum and as forum has helped me a lot with my bike, I decided I would return the favour! I will be doing basic "how to" guides on simple maintenance; oil changes, chain adjusts, sprocket replacements, and many more!

    I'll be starting with how to change your oil and oil filter. Please do this at your own risk, if you do not feel experienced enough go to a garage or have an experienced bystander watch over you! :)

    The kit you'll need is:

    850ml of 10w40(depending on your climate) 4 stroke motor oil
    Oil filter
    1x Socket wrench and socket set (Not sure if bolt sizes are the same for all variants of engine)
    1x Pair of latex gloves
    Something to catch oil in
    Old rag or paper towel
    Cup of tea

    Step 1:
    Run the engine on idle for 5-10 minutes to heat the oil up, as this makes emptying the old oil easier.

    Step 2:
    Place oil catch tray under the engine and undo sump nut. This will be the large nut on a triangular metal plate surrounded by 3 smaller nuts in each corner.

    Step 3:
    Let the oil drain out.

    Step 4:
    On the other side of the bike you'll see a round cover on the side of the engine (usually with branding on it) with 3 bolts on it. Remove these 3 bolts and take off cover.

    Step 5:
    Remove the oil filter. A very easy way I found of removing the oil filter is to slip the end of a tape measure in the gap and try hook it then pull. Be careful to catch the oil that will come out of here.

    Step 6:
    Clean the oil filter housing and coat the rubber seal in new oil. Then pour some oil into the filter and it install it so the the hollow hole is facing inwards.

    Step 7:
    Place the oil filter housing back on ensuring the branding is the right way round. Hand tighten each bolt down then tight with wrench one turn at a time each (quarter turn then move on to the next bolt, then quarter turn then move on to the next, etc). This is to ensure even pressure right round the seal.

    Step 8:
    Clean off the sump bolt and reinstall. Refer to your owners manual for correct torquing.

    Step 9:
    Unscrew oil filler cap and measure out 850ml of motor oil. Pour this slowly and steadily into the hole making sure to get every drop in. Screw the cap back on and start up the engine and let it idle for 5-10 minutes. Proceed to shut it off and wait another 5 minutes then check the oil level window and top up as required.

    I hope this guide helps people the way this forum has helped me, thank you!
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  2. #2 Re: How to: Oil and filter change for K157FMI (Pulse, Sinnis, Superbyke, etc) 
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    This is a nice little guide, I'm sure a lot of people will find this useful. It would be nice if the admins could make this a sticky (who runs this forum anyway?)

    You might want to add a couple of thing: the sump nut has a 21mm head so be sure you have the correct socket/spanner before starting (some socket sets wont go up to that size). Also my bike takes roughly 1.125L of oil for some reason so it would be a good idea to have a couple of litres handy before starting.
    Sinnis Max II (QM125-2V), K157FMI engine (technically a K162FMJ now), 115 main jet, 40 pilot jet, cone air filter, 150cc big bore kit, 17 tooth front sprocket, 30mm carburettor, alarm with remote start, HID spotlights, performance CDI.
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  3. #3 Re: How to: Oil and filter change for K157FMI (Pulse, Sinnis, Superbyke, etc) 
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    Quote Originally Posted by spencer2004 View Post bike takes roughly 1.125L of oil for some reason ...
    EN vs STD
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  4. #4 Re: How to: Oil and filter change for K157FMI (Pulse, Sinnis, Superbyke, etc) 
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    I changed my oil 700km ago and its black (its a Valvoline Durablend 4T) including filter
    it was actually black after 5min of engine running, how you can empty crankcase where are bearings,gears etc.. ?
    used hiflofilter oil.. and found, behind filter is also small oring
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  5. #5 Re: How to: Oil and filter change for K157FMI (Pulse, Sinnis, Superbyke, etc) 
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    Use normal cheaper 4T oil and drain at shorter intervals like 350km or less till all the carbon is cleaned.

    Carbon comes from fuel the more you burn/kms the more deposits you get. Hard driving and throttle position.

    Usually Valvoline Durablend 4T lasts 2000km under normal use.

    Best Wishes.
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