Hi all. Haven't been riding much recently and now just recently learned that I will be moving to Hangzhou after summer. Time to cash in my licence plate "investment". First (I think) I have to reprint the one that was stolen with my QingQi but thats another story.

Rigth now I'm hoping someone can help me with finding out how much I should be selling it for. I've tried searching baidu in chinese but this time, as always, I find Hu C's should cost less than a thousand. This stumps me as much as it ever has, why does everyone pay many thousands for them but then online they're listed for so little? (That was rhetorical, TIC, it doesn't have to make sense).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to inform myself better before I have to put this damn bargaining cap back on or even better direct me to a trustworthy dealer to talk to about it. My current plan is to go to the raptor/benelli shop on pubei and ask those nice folk. I don't know how much help they will be.