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  1. #1 Used CFMoto 650NK for sale in Shanghai 
    foreign China moto dude bikerdoc's Avatar
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    Bike SOLD (2013-08-19)

    OK first the disclaimer: The bike advertised isn't mine. I've not meet the owner nor seen the 650NK other than via photos, since the 650NK is located in Shanghai and I'm not.

    Bike: CFMoto 650NK
    Owner: One foreign owner - Allan from Brazil.
    Legality: All legal documents (so plate can be obtained)
    Plate: No license plate
    Location: Shanghai
    Price: negotiable (I'd say ~28-30K)

    The owner claims to have all the documents, official fapiao and dealer sales agreement for the 650NK. I'm not sure which dealer the orignial owner bought the 650NK from, however the bike is unplated (this is likely due to either the price of SH motorcycle plates, &/or the owner not having a motorcycle license.

    The owner had been riding the 650NK round SH unplated... however he got caught and his 650NK was confiscated by the traffic police in SH. Problem was not only did the bike not have a license plate, he didn't have a motrocycle endorsed drivers license. Luckily for him his 650NK is legal, since he had all the documents etc., just no plate - needed to pay a fine to get the bike back.

    I'm unsure what the outcome is for him with regards to riding without a motorcycle drivers/riders license. As far as I know it can result in compulsory term of imprisonment, 7-14 days.

    I know all this as I heard through the grapevine he was selling it before it was impounded, and we had been in touch several times concerning the sale. I was firm with my offer at 28K. Eventually the seller contacted me to advise that he was willing to deal, but it was too late as I bought a CFMoto 650TR to add to my collection. After the sellers 650NK was confiscated he contacted me for help wanting to know what to do etc.

    He has the 650NK back and is keen to sell.

    I believe the price is now more negotiable as the seller is more motivated than before to sell.

    The 650NK has been for sale for around 4-5 months.

    The sellers contact telephone: 15000975216

    If anyone from MCM buys this bike please let me know so I can edit this post accordingly.
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    Jun 2013
    Bike is in perfect shape, and sold.
    Thanks BD for the advice.
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